11 Causes for Dry Lip

Licking your lips-saliva evaporates and dries out lips and irritates lip skin.

Airplane travel-air on planes is dehydrating (low humidity, high altitude).

Lipstick-ingredients can dry out lips and highlight lip creases.

Toothpaste-tartar control versions can irritate lips.

Lip balms with fragrance can irritate and dry out lips.

Hot showers-wash away protective oils.

UV Rays-protect delicate lip skin from the sun with a lip balm containing a mineral sunscreen.

Mouth-breathing-causes lip dehydration.

Indoor heat-sucks moisture out of the air and contributes to dry skin.

Medication-dry mouth can be a side effect of certain drugs, which can cause dry lips too.

Climate-dry air and high altitude can dry out your lips.

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