Hi! My name is Kate and I am 12 years old. My Mom challenged me at age 7 to come up with a business idea. I decided I wanted to create and sell my own lip balms.


My Mom and I started by creating the lip balms in our kitchen using cool-aid, beeswax among other ingredients. At first it was very challenging to get the recipe just right, but we kept trying until we made lip balms that were good enough to share with my cousins.


During the experiment of making the lip balms my Mom realized that with school, activities and her full-time job, we would not have the time and equipment to make enough lip balms to sell. However, we did not give up; instead we did research for manufacturers that could help us make our lip balms.

Now that we have the help of a manufacture; my Mom and I decided to change a few things about my initial business idea. ​


We realized that we could use my lip balms to make a difference to encourage a healthy lifestyle, protect the environment and help other kids that are less-fortunate than me. Here are Kate Glam's Missions:

  • Promote Healthy Lifestyle:

    • Kate Glam lips balms are made from Certified Organic, Vegan, SPF and Natural  Ingredients.


  • Help our Community:

    • Kate Glam Organic Ingredients are Fair Trade Certified that help support small and local farmers.


  • Keep our Environment Clean:

    • Organic production systems do not allow the use of chemical fertilizers which pollute our rivers and streams.


  • Help Homeless Families:

    • Kate Glam donate a portion of our lip balms to homeless people on the streets and a charity organization called  “Lifting Up Westchesterwwww.liftingupwestchester.org that provide food, shelter and support for the homeless.

With our new-found purpose, Kate Glam is happy to offer its customers organic, vegan, SPF, & tinted lip balms & scrubs that are healthy for all members of your family; healing and protecting one dry, chapped lip at a time.

Also check out our lip balm holders in various colors and our newly launched  lip scrub in cotton candy flavor.


Kate Glam Lip Care

Healthy Lips Starts Here!


Organic, Vegan and Natural Lip Balms & Scrub

Cruelty Free | Certified Organic Ingredients
Paraben Free | Gluten Free | Non-GMO
No Chemical |No Soy | No Hydrogenated Oils

NSF Certified | Fair Trade Certified™

Made with Recyclable Plastic Lip Balm Tube
Made in the USA


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